Kunzite is known as the evening, midnight, or woman's stone due to its' sensitivity to sunlight(fading) & sudden temperature changes, along with its' feminine, pink, & delicate beauty. It is almost as tough in hardness as quartz, however it can be broken if strong enough shock occurs. Due to these traits some extra TLC is required, but is a unique and sought after gemstone. Kunzite is one of the best stones to be gifted to others as it is basically THE stone of divine love. Wearing the stone it's believed to help one move through the day with more kindness, serenity, & gentleness. The stone is one of the lithium containing minerals & you could expect a calming energy to it, potentially even reducing feelings of anxiety or depression(similar to lepidolite). Kunzite is believed to be able to open the silent voice of the heart, opening a wordless communion between emotions & mental aspects. Kunzite's energy has the power to awaken the heart and encourage it to communicate more intimately with the mind. One's world can benefit greatly if one only is willing to listen and follow the quiet urgings the heart. This stone is super underrated and was long considered a collector's item & was rarely found in jewelry.