About Us

The Crystalline Matrix is all about creating the best experience possible throughout life in this matrix we live in. I used to wear many different necklaces and pendants each with a metaphysical and energetic purpose and grew tired of the inconvenience it carried with it. Once I learned of this ancient art and found out that I could create pieces that not only serve my purposes, but also are incredibly beautiful, stylish, and a part of my soul, I was hooked for life. I then watched some YouTube tutorials, gathered my tools, and crystals and I was off on this wondrous journey.

In my life I always shoot for quality over all else. Have you ever bought a bought a cheap tool to save money, but then had to go buy another shortly after due to the quality being so sub par and breaking? This is never a good feeling. Most of the time you would be left realizing that had you just gotten a nice tool for a little more you would have probably saved money and definitely some time and effort. These Wire Wraps are extremely powerful tools and energetic aids. I always strive to use the highest quality of precious metals, gems, crystals, and tools that I am able to acquire; resulting in only high quality works of heArt. 

Like I briefly mentioned earlier this is an ancient art - one of the oldest for creating handmade jewelry in the world dating all the way back to 2000 BC. Ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Sumerians were all found creating these works just to name a few. Wire wraps are created without heating any metal or using any machines and I feel very honored to keep up the tradition in the same way, using only pliers, my hands and a polisher once the piece is created to give a lasting finish.

Owning a wire wrap is not only owning a one of a kind piece, it is owning a piece of an artist's heart and soul. The jewelry is imbued with the energy the artist was feeling and creating at the very time of its inception.

Thank you for choosing to view and purchase/support (if you so choose to)

I am the only one running this business, creating, designing, marketing, logistics, customer service, sales. Thank you for understanding and being patient with me.