Brandberg - Amethyst

Brandberg Amethyst (Namibia) is a special variety of Amethyst named after the Brandberg Mountains. The stones range from either Incredible clarity, Smokiness, Deep Saturation, or any combination of the above. Sometimes even containing red or other colors of Hematite inside to provide more grounding qualities (like the smokiness previously mentioned).
Amethyst is probably the most popular variety of Quartz and for good reason. It's metaphysical properties are amazing on many levels, my favorite quality I've experienced is its' potential to cleanse and relieve headaches. It is another immensely protective stone that has been used traditionally for hundreds of years to aid in breaking of addictions, most specifically Alcohol-ism. This very calming stone is something you would not regret wearing all day or placing all over your home/office. All stone recommendations are not to be used in place of standard medical treatments.